The advantages of automation

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The advantages

of automation.

Flexibility, productivity and immediacy are just some of the advantages of the most modern robotic automation. The market shows that companies need to have intelligent systems available that they can use easily, that optimise costs and that facilitate integration with operators in terms of safety and ergonomics in all production sectors.

At the same time, robots can perform heavy tasks, lift heavy loads and handle complex or dangerous components safely, leaving operators to perform less strenuous and health-damaging tasks.

They increase productivity and competitiveness

Each automated task is performed repeatedly and without interruption, increasing productivity and making your company more competitive in the market. Worker productivity also increases, because they can devote themselves to high value-added activities, leaving repetitive tasks to the robot.

Minimisation of non-compliant parts

Human error can be reduced to a minimum with the use of robotic systems and automated quality control. What benefits is the quality of the parts produced, which are always the same and comply with specifications.

Waste reduction

In addition to optimising production costs, automation systems can be integrated with existing machines. This approach streamlines logistics, reduces time and minimises waste.

Workplace optimisation

Robotic systems aligned to the latest standards provide a comfortable and safe working environment. Time spent on set-up is reduced and acoustic comfort is improved throughout the working area.


Technological progress and the method in which we apply it to automation not only make plants more efficient and productive, but also guarantee the highest level of safety for operators both during production and set-up.

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