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in robotic automation. 

We have been active for more than twenty years and know full well that robotic technology is a key factor to improving the world of production and the lives of the people who take part in it.

We design and develop automation systems with the help of anthropomorphic robots to meet the needs of diverse industries. Although we have grown, our objective remains unchanged: to improve your company’s production processes.


more than


years of experience
in robotics

more than




m² of production




With automation, you will be able to make a significant impact on productivity, cost reduction and manpower to improve product quality.

Increase productivity 
Customised intelligent automation solutions and dedicated care services will improve your company’s production capacity so you can give your customers fast responses and better results.

Reduce error margins
An efficient automated system will minimise errors and production stops in repetitive tasks.

Accelerate production
Automation makes production more efficient and constant over time with better quality results.

Improve safety 
Automating processes makes them safe and relieves staff from strenuous and unhealthy work.

  • no

    E6pos was created for
    anthropomorphic robot maintenance

  • no

    Sale of robotic systems

  • no

    Purchase of the Borgosatollo
    production site

  • no

    Creation of the first high performance
    3D vision system

  • no

    Extension of
    the production site

  • no

    Received the Solution Award
    for Robotic Innovation

  • si

    Expansion into foreign markets:
    Europe, China, United States

  • si

    Implementation of automated warehouses
    to manage spare parts

  • si

    20 years of business and success

  • si

    A consolidated industrial robotics company


The people behind our concept

are extraordinary. 

We were created from the foresight of applied robotics professionals. We then grew thanks to the initiative of our team of specialists from different backgrounds that shares a sole spirit: using applied robotics to surpass our limits every day.

An ever-growing team of automation specialists with a technical department dedicated to accompanying customers throughout the life cycle of the systems built.

  • Inspection
    We check and assess the existing situation as we listen to your requests
  • Analysis
    We go deeper into the technical and economic aspects of your requests
  • Design
    We use data to define solutions
  • Offer
    We draw up the best technical offer
  • Manufacturing
    The project developed in detail is carefully made and tested
  • Installation
    We commission the equipment
  • Training
    We develop training sessions for staff
  • Care
    Our after sales services are always by your side

The ideal partner for industrial robotic solutions.